No Win No Fee Claims

‘No Win No Fee’ Claims

Are you worried about the cost of a legal claim against your employer? Are you put off pursuing your claim due to fear of escalating legal fees?

If you know you are suffering injustice at the hands of your employer or have been unfairly dismissed you can suffer untold stress. Putting off legal advice because of the possible cost can add to your stress, as you believe you cannot defend yourself properly.

Damages Based Agreements

Whilst professional legal advice is often viewed as expensive, or even unaffordable, this need not be the case. Our flexible pricing options include damages based agreements, fixed fee agreements or ‘no win no fee’.

With a damages based agreement we enter into an arrangement whereby you only pay for our services in the event that your claim is successful. If you are not successful there is no charge. There are many benefits to this arrangement. For example, our fees are calculated as a percentage of any damages you recover and hence are always affordable. In the event you do not recover damages you pay nothing.

DPH¬†Legal is a firm of solicitors in Reading who are able to offer employees ‘no win no fee’ agreements for Employment Tribunal claims.

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