There are a number of reasons that an individual’s employment can come to an end. These include an employer going out of business, a role being made redundant or a dismissal taking place.

A genuine redundancy occurs if a role becomes obsolete due to a re-organisation within the workplace, a physical relocation of the job, or if an individual’s current skills are no longer required by their employer. It is important to look behind the redundancy process to ensure that an individual’s role has genuinely become redundant. If the redundancy is not genuine there may arise an ‚Äčunfair dismissal claim.

Employers should be aware of the necessity to follow procedures when making employees redundant. Employees may also have provision for redundancy payments within their contract of employment. There is a statutory entitlement to redundancy pay which is calculated on multiplying the number of years worked by your weekly salary which is subjected to a cap; You age will affect the multiplier.

It is advisable to contact an employment law specialist or the Citizens Advice Bureau if you find yourself facing the end of your employment for any reason to ensure that you are fully legally informed.

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