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At DPH Legal our solicitors specialise in employment law and only employment law. We believe that when individuals or businesses seek employment law advice it is essential that they speak to a specialist to ensure they receive the best quality service. Employment law is perhaps the most fast moving area of the law and for that reason you should take take expert advice regardless of the nature of the workplace dispute.

We have extensive experience of providing advice and representation in all areas of employment law. We provide this advice on a daily basis both to individuals and businesses and therefore have experience of advising on both sides of the equation.

The pages in the drop down menus above provide free and useful information on employment law in general and give details of our specific areas of expertise.

These are some of the areas we can advise on, but rest assured that we cover the full range of all employment related matters.


We offer a free telephone conversation with a qualified solicitor to assess whether we can help you and advise the best course of action.

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