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We give expert employment advice to individual employees as well as businesses and organisations of all types and sizes in and around Swindon.

Our law firm has offices in Swindon as well as other locations. All of our solicitors practice employment law exclusively. We do not deal with family law, conveyancing, property, probate or landlords.

We have represented a number of clients in the Employment Tribunal and the High/County Court. We draft and regularly advise on settlement agreements.

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We have advised employers and employees from many varying company sizes, in and around the Swindon and the Wiltshire area. Our office is not too far from the Old Town. Our services can assist with most if not all work and staff-related issues.

If you’re experiencing issues or have a work-related matter, then speak to our expert solicitors.

A Law Firm Can Provide Legal Help and Advice on the Following Situations

  1. A dispute has arisen between you and your employer. (Dispute resolution)
  2. A settlement agreement has been offered or given.
  3. You have a potential employment claim and require legal advice.
  4. Tribunal litigation advice for companies and individuals.
  5. As an employer, you are experiencing some difficult staff-related issues.

Our Law Firms Services

As part of the services we offer, we give advice to both employers and executives in senior positions on settlement agreements, exit packages, redundancy, tribunal litigation, disputes and the use of restrictive covenants.

Please take a moment to look at the ​testimonials and reviews page for further information on DPH Legal’s previous successes.

We have assisted clients from professional sports clubs including football and rugby teams. The legal services team has also acted both for and against F1 racing teams and giving legal advice to one of the largest, global food manufacturer, world-acclaimed privately educated schools and universities.

We frequently negotiate more favourable deals for Swindon employees entering settlement agreements with their employers.

DPH Legal is one of the most revered specialists. As a workplace lawyer with many years of experience, we advise a number of different clients throughout the west and central southern England and the surrounding areas on any work-related issues.

Review our testimonials page and see what past clients say to confirm that we are highly recommended in the area.

DPH Legal is registered with the Law Society and The Solicitors Regulation Authority. We do not currently stand as a solicitor advocate.

We do not deal with family law, conveyancing, property, probate or landlords.

Contact Our Office

For more information on all of the services we offer in Swindon, Wiltshire, call us on 01793 467124 or complete the Contact Us Form to email us. We offer a free initial consultation directly with qualified solicitors from our law firm.

We are registered with the SRA and the Law Society.

You Have a Settlement Agreement and Need Expert Advice from a Solicitor

A settlement agreement is a legally binding document. It is signed by three parties: the employee, the employer and certified by a qualified UK solicitor.

We do not charge any fees without first having approval from the employee. If you do instruct us to help negotiate on the sums being offered, then we will be very transparent in regards to the costs and when they are due.

You Need Advice From A Solicitor On a Possible Discrimination Issue

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in the workplace because of your race, religion, gender, health or anything other than your ability, either by your boss or colleagues you may be able to claim for discrimination. 

Our senior Swindon solicitors can help you present your potential discrimination claim to your employer and eliminate some of that stress and worry for you.

our law firm can help with disputes

You’ve Been Unfairly Dismissed from Your Job

Being unfairly dismissed can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, we understand that. We want to do as much as we can to give you clarity, certainty and peace of mind regarding your future.

The legal guidelines surrounding unfair dismissal are very complex so in order to get an understanding, it is wise to seek the expert advice of a solicitor to guide you carefully through.

legal advice from a senior solicitor on work related problems

We Offer A Full Range of Employment Law Help and Expertise

Common requests range from:

  • workplace grievance queries
  • employee exit packages
  • drafting contracts or policy paperwork
  • defending claims in the Employment Tribunal

Our team of UK experts have the experience to also advise on restructuring and the aspects of outsourcing or the acquisition or sale of a business.

Understand Where You Stand Legally As An Employee

Individual workers are entitled to certain, specific rights.

These include:

  • UK Wage compensation
  • Unlawful deductions not taken from their pay
  • Minimum holiday-pay allowance
  • Protection from Unlawful discrimination
  • To not exceed more than 48 hrs work per week
legal advice and help on employment issues from a Swindon law firm

Dismissed Unfairly Without Explanation? Our Solicitors in Swindon Have Many Years of Experience With Settlement Agreements, Unfair Dismissals and Redundancies.

Being sacked for whatever reason from a job can be a harsh rejection. The term ‘dismissed’ is ofter used by solicitors as a professional way to describe being sacked.

An employer has the right to dismiss any employee, but the dismissal must be for good reason and it must also be fair. If you believe you are a victim of unfair dismissal in the UK then you can receive free advice on a call with one of the lawyers here at DPH Legal. As a client, we offer transparent pricing and fast resolutions.

legal help from senior solicitors for employment and work related issues

If you have any enquiries or require information on all the services we offer, call a member of our team on 01793 467124 or complete our Contact Us Form to speak with our office. Alternatively use an appropriate email address found on our contact us page.

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Please note that we do not stand in the capacity of solicitor advocate and we do not deal with family law, conveyancing, property, probate or landlords.