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DPH Legal is a specialist firm of employment solicitors offering legal services to employees and employers in the Bristol area.

As solicitors, we advise clients on the full range of employment law issues.

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We Advise Bristol Business Executives, Individual Employees As Well As Employers of All Sizes.  

We can assist with any employment or staff-related issue.  If you need to speak to a specialist firm of solicitors in Bristol then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We frequently advise employers and senior executives in Bristol and the South West on many legal issues such as exit packages, tribunal litigation and the enforceability of restrictive covenants. 

Please take a moment to look at our ​Testimonials page to find out what our previous legal clients have to say about us.

Our Bristol solicitors offer professional employment advice to both employees and employers of all types and sizes. We currently employ six specialist employment solicitors as well as support staff. 

All of our solicitors exclusively practice employment law. We advise clients on contentious issues in the Employment Tribunal as well as the High/County Court. 

As an employment law firm, we guide Bristol businesses, charities and individuals on non-contentious employment matters on a daily basis.As a law firm, we can provide legal advice for the following situations:-

You’ve Been Offered a Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement is a legally binding document, signed by both the employee and the employer, and certified by a qualified employment lawyer. 

It usually provides for a severance payment made to the employee by the employer, and in return, the employee agrees not to pursue any claim at an Employment Tribunal. 

Legal advice from a local law firm

In the majority of cases, the employer will cover all of the fees a solicitor charges for advising on the settlement agreement. 

We will not incur any extra costs without prior approval from the employee. If you instruct us to negotiate on the sums being offered we will do so.

You’re Looking for Legal Advice Regarding a Possible Discrimination Claim

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in the workplace because of your race, religion, gender, health or anything other than your ability, either by your boss or colleagues you may be able to claim for discrimination. 

As upsetting as it may be, and you may just want to ignore it and hope it goes away, it is advisable that any discrimination at work is challenged to make sure your personal life is not affected. 

Our compassionate and experienced Bristol legal team of solicitors can help you present your claim for discrimination to your employer and ease the stress and worry for you.

We have achieved six-figure sums for executives with discrimination claims on many occasions.

You Believe You’ve Been Unfairly Dismissed from Your Employment

Mediation from our legal team of solicitors

We understand that it can be a very stressful and anxious time if you have been unfairly dismissed. As employment law solicitors, we can help ease that stress for you. The law around unfair dismissal is extremely complex therefore it is advisable to take advice from a legal expert or solicitor to guide you carefully through the process. 

All of our solicitors at DPH Legal in Bristol specialises in employment law and only employment law. We have a wealth of experience in providing the best advice about unfair dismissal. 

Our solicitors have assisted many employees in achieving high levels of compensation when they have been wrongfully or unfairly dismissed

Legal Advice from Experienced Solicitors to Individuals or Businesses on Employment Tribunal Litigation

In most cases workplace disputes can be resolved amicably, however, there are some occasions where this is not possible. If this is the case for you then an Employment Tribunal may be the only way forward. 

We Offer Legal Advice to Employees and Employers in Bristol 

Many Bristol people are discouraged from instructing solicitors due to the perceived expense.  Our firm of solicitors offers many flexible pricing options including ‘no win, no fee’ or ‘fixed fee’, meaning that representation can be more affordable than you first thought. 

The solicitors at DPH Legal has extensive experience and a proven track record of providing high-quality representation in Employment Tribunals. 

As an employment law firm, we appear frequently in the local Employment Tribunal as well as others throughout Bristol and the country representing numerous successful clients.

You Are An Employer in Bristol and Require Some Legal Assistance with a Difficult Staff Issue

legal services for local business disputes

DPH Legal’s specialist employment law solicitors act for various local and national employers and offer exceptional legal advice for employers to suit their individual business needs. 

We work hard to understand your business and to work with you to provide a clear resolution for any employment law issues you may have in your Bristol-based company. 

We will guide you through the different aspects of employment legislation whilst always taking into account the commercial needs of your business. 

We are a commercially minded solicitor and do not wish to preach the law to our clients; rather find a way to meet their objectives and assist the smooth running of their business.  

We understand that businesses of different sizes require different approaches.

Our Legal Team of Solicitors Offer Employees and Local Businesses A Full Range of Employment Law Services

Common requests range from:

  • workplace grievance advice
  • employee exit packages
  • drafting contracts or policy documents
  • defending claims in the Employment Tribunal

We also advise on restructuring and the employment aspects of outsourcing or acquiring or selling a business.

What Types of Businesses Has Our Local Bristol Legal Team Helped?

Our law firm of Bristol solicitors has acted both for and against Formula 1 racing teams, as well as providing employment advice to the world’s second-largest food manufacturer and world-renowned private schools and universities. 

Our clients have included professional football and rugby clubs. We have helped businesses of all sizes with legal help. 

What Are Your Legal Rights As A Business Employee in Bristol, UK?

There are certain rights that an individual worker is entitled to.

These include:

  • Receiving the National Wage
  • Not having unlawful deductions taken from their pay
  • Receiving the statutory minimum amount of paid holiday
  • Unlawful discrimination protection
  • Not to exceed more than 48hrs work in a week

Can You Be Sacked For No Reason? We’ve Been Specialising in Settlement Agreements and Unfair Dismissals for Many Years

Legal team of solicitors

It can be devastating and shocking to be sacked from your current Bristol job or position. We use the term ‘dismissed’ as the legal synonym for being sacked. 

An employer is allowed to dismiss employee’s, as long as the dismissal was fair and for good reason. If you feel that you have been dismissed unfairly then there may be something you can do about it by talking to one of our solicitors.

Check These Things First – Our Local Team of Solicitors Can Also Help You with This

  • Understand the status of your employment. Your rights will be determined by this status.
  • The length of time you have been employed by your current employer. You will need to have worked for at least 2 years before you can challenge a dismissal.
  • Whether the reason given for your dismissal is classed as legally ‘unfair’.

If you haven’t received a written explanation from your Bristol employer in relation to your dismissal, then you will need to ask them for one. Ask them via a written letter and not verbally so you have a record of the request.

Your employer must provide a written explanation regarding your dismissal within 14 days of the request.

Many of our Bristol clients that come to us for help don’t understand the reason they’ve been given for their dismissal. This can sometimes be the case if the written reason contains legal jargon or cites an additional document that you don’t currently have access to.

If you have received a written explanation that you either don’t understand or seems unfair to you, then you may have been unfairly dismissed.

What Is Classed As Legal Discrimination in the Workplace in Bristol, UK?

We all have the right to be treated fairly at work and be protected by laws that protect us from discrimination. Discrimination against us can be on the grounds of gender, disability, beliefs, religion, race and gender to name a few.

Talk to the perpetrator if you feel comfortable to approach them in a calm, peaceful manner. If this is not possible or talking with them does not resolve your issue, you may need to speak with someone in a higher position.

Ensure you keep written records of the nature of the discrimination, dates, times and witnesses etc. This will help any local solicitor to help you with any dispute you may have.

If the discrimination continues then you may want to make a formal complaint. You can check with the HR department to follow the companies grievance procedure. This should guide you on the process of making a formal complaint.

Direct Discrimination Vs Indirect Discrimination Disputes

When an employee is treated in an untoward manner based on a protected attribute, this is classed a ‘Direct Discrimination’.

When a company rule, requirement or policy applies to the majority but disadvantages some than others. This may put you at a particular disadvantage according to the Equality Act 2010.

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