What Causes Stress In The Workplace & How To Reduce It

Work-related stress has unfortunately become more common than ever with employees reporting increased rates of depression, anxiety, reduced performance, problems sleeping etc.

Employees that are stressed out have notably reduced performance and work output, which means this is not just a personal problem but also quite bad for business.

There are many reasons why employees may become stressed out at work and we will now take a closer look at some of these reasons and how they can be remedied.

We’ve put together some advice regarding workplace stress, however, if you require further help and advice, contact our employment law firm today.

One of the most common reasons for increased stress is long work hours combined with a heavy workload. Unfortunately, many employers are unknowingly giving more work than they should and even require employees to work on weekends or after hours.

As a result, the work-life balance is skewed, which causes a decline in physical and mental health. In order to fix this situation, it is important that the workload is balanced among all employees and not just one or a few employees have to deal with the majority of work.

Also, the company should consider hiring more employees or even freelancers if necessary to reduce the overall workload.

Another reason for the increased rates of stress among workers includes boring work or work that may be too challenging for the employee’s skill set.

If an employee is doing the same task repetitively day in and out, they will eventually get stressed out due to the lack of stimulation in their job. This can be reduced by ensuring each employee has avenues to improve their position within the organisation.

They should also be allowed to take on different tasks on a regular basis to prevent burn out.

In the event that an employee is stressed because they are overwhelmed and don’t have the skills to properly do their job, then the obvious solution would be to provide sufficient training so they are taught the necessary skills.

This will not only reduce stress but also ensure that the work is done is of the highest standard, which supports the business’s bottom line.

Other common reasons for increased stress levels include harassment, discrimination, micro-management, poor relationships between workers or supervisors etc.

In order to reduce stress caused by these problems, it is important that you foster a close relationship with your workers so that they can be comfortable to communicate these issues without fear of termination.

In closing, these are a few reasons why many employees are stressed out. As you can see, each one of these problems can be addressed once a proactive approach is taken towards improving employee satisfaction and solving the above problems.

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