How To Eliminate Discrimination At The Workplace.

  • Matt Scott
  • Friday, January 31st, 2020

Discrimination in the workplace is a big issue. It has immense effects on the performance of a business if it is not eliminated. Workplace discrimination results in lower productivity at the workplace, lower self-esteem, increased absenteeism, defence costs if the case goes to court, among others.

Employers, therefore, need to ensure that their employees are treated equally and that they eliminate any form of discrimination and unfair treatment at the workplace.

Discrimination occurs because of several reasons such as the difference in race, disability, religion, and gender. Since it has immense effects on the employee and the business, it should not be tolerated at all.

For employers to be able to eliminate the causes of discrimination, they have to take several measures. Below are some of the steps employers can take.

Let The Employees Understand Their Rights.

The first thing you are advised to do is to educate all your employees about their rights at the workplace. By knowing their rights, they will be able to stand up for themselves and also report if they encounter any form of discrimination.

Let them understand that they have a right to work in any environment, regardless of their age, religion, and race. By employees understanding their rights and the rights of others, they treat each other with dignity, minimising the chances of discrimination.

Embrace Diversity.

Employers should be open-minded enough to hire a diverse group of people into their organisation. An organisation with people from different backgrounds, race, religion, and status allows the employees to respect and value each other.

They are able to appreciate each other and embrace their differences, and hence, it becomes easier for them to work in an interactive environment without discriminating against each other.

Have A Policy Against Discrimination.

It is vital for employers to have written rules addressing the issue of discrimination in the workplace.

Ensure you clearly state the different forms of discrimination and the stern measures that will be taken if an employee is reported to have discriminated another employee.

Ensure you follow the rules and even dismiss those employees who break them. This will cause the employees to take the issue seriously, eliminating discrimination in the workplace.

Also, ensure you have a complaint protocol to allow the employees to lodge any complaints they have regarding the matter.

Clearly outline how the organisation will handle all discrimination complaints as well as the investigation and disciplinary actions.

If you want to avoid poor performance as a result of discrimination, it is good to ensure that you create an environment that doesn’t condone any form of discrimination.

This creates an environment which promotes equality and positive competition among the employees.

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